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Not just good photography. But good for something.

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Bodhi Del Mar is a multidisciplinary photographer & visual artist based on the Gold Coast, Australia but can often be found adventuring and image-making world-wide.


After studying & working within the commercial photography industry, she re-launched herself as an independant artist in 2014 with “The Watercolour Collection.” The limited edition giclee print series combines a unique mixture of traditional watercolour and digital painting techniques - from the northern tip of Australia, to Indonesia and the United State of America, each work portrays a small vignette into its country of origin.


More recently, “The Vault Collection” is a very special release celebrating her 10th Anniversary as a photographer. Showcasing images from the snow capped Rocky Mountains to the thick jungles of Borneo, it is a very intimate culmination of her favourite works from what has been, a most treasured decade of adventuring and image-making.


And she doesn’t appear to be slowing down... 2015 has seen her visiting Uluru, Colorado, Botswana, Chile & Antarctica. Using images from these adventures, Bodhi is currently experimenting with mixed media original works which combine her admiration for Mother Nature and love for beautiful spaces that make you “feel good”.


In 2015 she also launched her “Artisan Bottle Collection” - recycled beer, wine & spirit bottles diligently collected, cut, shaped & sandblasted with original & exquisite designs to create one-of-a-kind homewares & artworks (all hand-made on the Gold Coast by Bodhi).




I am about creating authentically, intuitively and eccentrically. I am about living with purpose. I am about following your passions and using them to be a part of something bigger than yourself.


Much of my work is subconsciously inspired from deeply embedded childhood influences – the likes of artists such as the “prolific sorceress of colour and form”, Mary Blair, and the fanciful, grand imaginations of Salvador Dalí and Graeme Base.


While travelling through a landscape or being out and about exploring nature, I'll quite often be completely struck into the moment, hovering in a realm somewhere in-between sensibility and daydream – exploring more how I'm feeling in a space than the reality of what I'm seeing. I'll see a completely formed final work even before taking the first photograph - it's a precarious dance between working intuitively and working with an end in mind. But always in that moment, and then while working on the image later, I am compelled to explore such themes as the profundity of the natural world and our choices as humans to exist either within or against it.


I strive to create embellished landscapes and exuberant scenes that thoroughly delight and amplify a childlike curiosity and spirit - inspiring a more mindful heart and heartened mind.  


 Through my work, I invite you to ENRICH , INVEST and be INSPIRED by the world around you.


Love & Light,







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Unique Fine Art Photographs.

Printed & finished with only the finest quality materials.

Opening Hearts + Horizons.

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Donating to the local region + communities from where the image was created.